Multi Faceted Style

While EuromaxCapital routinely raises finance to drive client initiatives towards fruition, the value, depth and range of the its service portfolio extends much beyond finance.

From the origination of powerful ideas and their conversion into deals, from the making of high level introductions to the presentation of new international opportunities, EuromaxCapital sees itself as a business partner and catalyst whose role transcends far beyond mere fund raising.

Our niche lies in serving as a bridge between Western capital and Eastern enterprise, deftly combining knowledge of ground realities and demands of emerging markets like India on the one hand with deep insights into the practices and expectations of the international business and financial community on the other. This knowledge blend enables superior advice on timing, structuring and other intricacies of diverse business and financing initiatives.

Our service portfolio navigates the entire spectrum from concept to closure:
Ideation & Advice
EuromaxCapital gets actively involved at the earliest possible stage. An engagement often starts by addressing the client’s commercial and financial goals and strategies - we bring our experience and exposure to bear in co-piloting the conception, development & crystallization of client strategies. As part of this stage, our focus is on being pro-active and in consistently presenting the full spectrum of meaningful financial choices.

Once such strategies and choices are crystallized, EuromaxCapital will identify and line up suitable international opportunities & thereafter proceed on the task of international fund raising through private equity placements, debt product placements or M&A origination and / or financing as may be the case - sometimes straddling all of these.