International Structured Finance Solutions

At the crossroads of the lending and capital markets, EuromaxCapital advises and intermediates on a wide range of innovative and multi-faceted structured finance instruments including:
 Bonds with American style detachable warrants
 Bonds with European style warrants
 Convertible & Exchangeable bonds
 Hybrid preference shares
 Future flow securitization
 Derivatives including credit derivatives
 Myriad forms of credit enhancement

Structured Finance straddles all layers of capital and we at EuromaxCapital are adept at designing & combining debt and equity financing components in a structured manner and with a bespoke style, to solve particular issuer problems or investor problems that cannot be solved by conventional methods.

By leverage our banking relationships, EuromaxCapital creates bespoke solutions to help our clients raise structured debt from the international markets. We maintain ongoing relationships with such specialized lenders — from specialized lending institutions to hedge funds and private funds — and regularly consult with many of these capital providers regarding their evolving credit criteria. Using this insight and knowledge, we strive to identify the most appropriate financing sources for our clients and structure transactions to address the needs of all participants. Furthermore, these relationships allow us to tailor the return profile for individual clients, striking a careful balance between current and future return.

Our goal is to match the needs & expectations of emerging market corporate borrowers with demand patterns from banks globally through a solution driven, debt product flow from India.