Information Technology

360 Biocube is the first of its kind & unique AI platform built on a Biometrics enabled mobile based SaaS architecture with a distributed user-owned user-controlled data structure. It is delivered using a B2C mobile front-end and a predictive AI-enabled workflow-driven dashboard-based user-friendly backend which is highly customizable and easy to implement without any specialized hardware or software and zero capex. Biocube provides best-in-class multimodal biometric identity (only app with 5 modes), data validation & secure transaction + payment services authenticated against secure data sources from the user's own device.

The platform provides a secure seamless solution for Government's and Businesses seeking to enhance operational efficiencies, optimize costs and increase security. Using patented cutting-edge technology for authentication and verification, the application can be applied across Immigration Management, BFSI, Tourism, Access Control, Transportation, Events & Entertainment.

Developed over the past 4 years, the proprietary AI & Biometrics platforms have now been brought to fruition.