Strategic Alliances

Fiduciary Global, Singapore & India
Fiduciary EuromaxCapital is a strategic alliance aimed at widening the scope of the EuromaxCapital activity portfolio so as to encompass advisory services on equity and debt capital markets and rupee debt syndications.

Fiduciary is a member of NSE, MCX and NCDEX and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India and the Forward Market Commission

From conception to execution, Fiduciary EuromaxCapital specializes in
 Equity capital markets
 Debt capital markets
 Domestic debt syndication

Fiduciary EuromaxCapital offers innovative research-based advisory services in Fixed Income, Equities, Commodities, Mutual Funds & PMS as well as Insurance (Life and Nonlife).

The alliance is positioned to widen the EuromaxCapital bouquet by bringing bespoke solutions in equity and debt markets to the burgeoning EuromaxCapital clientele

The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited (CMOL), Sri Lanka
EuromaxCapital has multi- dimensional alliance with The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited, one of the largest privately held group of companies in Sri Lanka. The Group comprises of over 20 companies operating in different spheres such as Information technology, Packaging, Media, Personal Care etc. with each being one of the market leaders in their field. The SPV formed will undertake corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, trading, corporate brokering and investment advisory services etc. for/with companies based in Sri Lanka.

CMOLs deep routed expertise and relationships in Sri Lanka with EuromaxCapital cutting edge capital markets insights and strategic & structuring advisory expertise across borders.

The alliance is positioned to originate, facilitate & financially intermediate Global size Investment and M&A deals.

SAE Capital, Switzerland
EuromaxCapital has a multi- dimensional strategic alliance with SAE Capital owned by the renowned deal maker Mr. Alessandro Benedetti. SAE Capital is a M&A boutique operating out of Rome and London and is best known for master-minding many a successful multi-billion euro acquisition. Last mega deal closed was the Euro 17.2 billion acquisition of Wind Telecom in alliance with Orascom, winning against a “super club” of 7 premier buy-out funds, including raising of Euros 12.5 billion as leverage.

The joint venture specifically focuses on originating, facilitating and creating large international M&A deals.

The marriage of SAE’s world class deal making prowess with the emerging market focus, insights and relationships of EuromaxCapital mirrors the goal of marrying western opportunity and capital with emerging market enterprise.

The joint venture is presently working on / developing 2 multi-billion euro M&A deals in the EU and several multi-hundred million euro M&A deals straddling the EU, Eastern Europe, USA, Africa and the Balkans.